The Eyes of Thailand

The Eyes of Thailand tells the amazing and heroic true story of Soraida Salwala, a passionate woman who dedicated ten years of her life to help two elephant landmine survivors walk again. Treating their wounds was only part of the journey; building elephant-sized prostheses was another.

From an interview with Windy Borman, the film’s director:

Somebody asked me, “What do you want us to take away from the film?” And separately from, “We need to protect Asian elephants,” and “We want to encourage other countries to sign the mine ban treaty,” the film really forces you to look at what people are telling you is impossible. Because 10 years ago it was considered impossible to build a prosthetic for an elephant. They’ve been able to prove that not only is it possible, but the elephants are thriving. And at that point, there’s not really an excuse for the rest of us. The other obstacles in our lives, they don’t seem as big.

(via marginal revolution)