Sexy Baby & The World Before Her

A couple trailers for documentaries that deal with gender, technology, religion, culture, and sexuality:

First, Sexy Baby.

There’s Winnifred, a precocious 12-year-old growing up in New York City who struggles to balance her public and private lives in the age of Facebook; Laura, 22, an elementary school teacher in North Carolina whose porn-obsessed boyfriend is pressuring her to get a “labiaplasty,” a plastic surgery procedure that reduces the labia; and Nichole (aka Nikita Kash) is a 32-year-old ex-porn star who teaches housewives and co-eds pole-dancing lessons while trying to settle into a more conventional role and start a family.

In an interview with the cast, Winnefred makes this observation about the role Facebook plays:

I think it teaches people to objectify themselves and put themselves out there, and then it gives 900 people permission to judge not only my photos, but everything I say. It promotes self-exploitation and for a lot of adults, it’s impossible to know completely how to deal with it because they didn’t have it.

Second, The World Before Her contrasts Hindu fundamentalists and Miss India contestants:

Filmmaker Nisha Pahuja captured both universes in her film The World Before Her, which took the prize for best documentary last week at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. “I wanted to look at not just women in India, but the country itself and how it’s undergoing massive cultural changes,” says Pahuja, a Canadian filmmaker who was born in India. “The country is deciding what it wants to be.”

Respect to my sisters.